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Video Security and Surveillance providers are being challenged by increasing requirements for higher resolution (HD), longer retention (more storage capacity), higher frame rates from more cameras (higher Mbps throughput), and advanced features such as video search and facial recognition.

Additionally, video surveillance workflow is highly event driven; meaning demands on underpinning server and storage infrastructure can vary widely. A system that normally performs 99% of its I/O as writes may suddenly require priority retrieval or analysis of archived video. To properly support this environment, the underlying storage system must be high-performance, and dependably respond to such workload shifts immediately—without impacting video capture performance.

Last, but not least, not every organization requiring video-surveillance systems can provide a data-center grade environment with well-regulated power and filtered, temperature-controlled air.

Winchester Systems has over 10 years video-surveillance storage experience, and over 30 years providing purpose-built high performance storage systems for commercial and military clients. Its flagship FlashDisk product family provides dependable RAID storage in a variety of form factors and tolerance to harsh operating environments.

Whether consolidating multiple surveillance installations into a single solution, or deploying a distributed environment with thousands of camera streams and petabytes of storage, Winchester Systems partners collaboratively with Security and Surveillance solution providers to tailor I/O subsystems that best fit their customer’s needs.

Winchester Systems enjoys a worldwide reputation for durable, dependable products and exceptional customer service and support. The firm’s top priority: using its leading-edge technology and rugged system expertise to meet new requirements and solve challenging problems for its clients.

Give Winchester Systems your toughest Security and Surveillance data or I/O problem, and the company’s I/O-infrastructure architects will propose a number of options for your review—at no cost or obligation.