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When “Good Enough” Performance Isn’t Good Enough

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Media organizations of all sizes face relentless pressure to increase content production and/or distribution, while at the same time improve operational efficiency and control costs. Creative professionals need to collaborate through distributed and complex workflow environments throughout a facility, or around the world. And consumers now watch video on devices ranging from UHDTVs to PCs, tablets and smartphones, requiring post-production shops and video-distribution networks alike to support an ever expanding number of adaptive-bitrate delivery formats—all while maintaining a high-quality viewing experience.

Then there are the challenges of tracking and billing video consumption.

Solution providers serving the needs of media organizations face a daunting task: creating turnkey solutions that address all of these needs and more, while simultaneously making them flexible, easy for non-technical people to use—and low cost.

Media solutions are expected to address complex software and workflow integration issues, and ensure the included server and storage hardware steadfastly delivers required performance. With the pressure to control costs, it’s easy to understand the attraction of using commodity hardware from a low-cost provider. But all too often, the “good enough” performance typical of such equipment rapidly deteriorates under increasing workloads.

That’s where Winchester Systems comes in. The company brings over 30 years experience providing purpose-built high performance storage systems to its collaborative partnerships with Media and Entertainment solution providers. Winchester Systems FlashDisk storage arrays and FlashServer compute servers provide the perfect blend of performance, connectivity, expandability, and price. Equally important, FlashDisk and FlashServer systems can be tuned to provide incredible performance for multiple, simultaneous video-stream reading and writing; for random database-style I/O; and for combinations of both.

Using a consultative approach, Winchester Systems I/O-performance experts join a client’s solution team to tailor an I/O subsystem, including storage and servers, to best fit their customer’s needs. The company also stands behind its solution partners after each sale, with a worldwide reputation for dependable products and exceptional customer service and support.

Give Winchester Systems your toughest Media and Entertainment data-storage or I/O-performance problem, and the company’s I/O-infrastructure architects will propose a number of options for your review—at no cost or obligation.