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Since 1981, the mission at Winchester Systems has been providing purpose-built, high-performance, external storage systems. Beginning in 1991 with the U.S. Defense Mapping Agency during Operation Desert Storm, the company has been supplying robust COTS-Rugged servers and storage arrays to the U.S. military for geospatial intelligence and data acquisition. And since 2000, it has been producing U.S. MIL-STD storage systems.

A pioneer in removable storage, Winchester Systems combines rugged durability; high performance; and quick, easy data transportability to deliver tailored COTS-rugged and military-rugged equipment for use in Humvees, fixed-wing aircraft, naval ships, submarines, ground stations, and more. Battle-proven in over 1,000 deployments for every branch of the US Military , the company’s equipment also supports mission-critical environments at U.S. government and private labs, and commercial air traffic control centers.

Winchester Systems MIL-rugged, removable-canister RAID storage enables easy, rapid data transfer and transport, and fast data-gathering aircraft/vehicle turnaround. Leveraging COTS storage technologies and standards, Winchester Systems arrays are plug-compatible with existing systems in the field and in data centers—easing system integration.

Winchester Systems enjoys a worldwide reputation for dependable, quality products and exceptional customer service and support. The firm’s top priority: using leading-edge technology and rugged system expertise to meet new requirements and solve challenging problems for its clients. Winchester Systems engineers collaboratively partner with their prime-contractor counterparts to tailor storage and server systems to suit missions such as continuous real-time data recording, persistent surveillance, and post-acquisition data analysis in the field.

Give Winchester Systems your most challenging data problem, and the company’s I/O-infrastructure architects and mechanical engineers will propose a number of options for your review—at no cost or obligation.