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The FlashServer 2Ux4 Series solution Hypercube purchased compared to the competitors offerings dramatically cut the rack space requirements from 32 RU’s down to only 8 RU’s, while meeting the same performance and capacity but at a cost savings of 35% to 40%.

IO Integration

Today the issues with larger storage sets needing to be backed up is very common. The days of backing up a few Gigabytes or Terabytes is over. These days we see storage systems in excess of 300-400 TB. The problem comes in when you build a large volume but need to back that volume up to tape within a certain window of time.

Potpourri Group – FlashServer HA

FlashServer HA accelerates order management for Potpourri Group. Replaces clustered-database complexity with single-server simplicity.

ASA Automotive

A well architected VMware hardware/software cluster solution delivers superior automotive application services for ASA clients. ASA provides a SaaS (Software as a Service) that meets their client's demanding service level agreements for performance and availability.

Potpourri Group – FlashDisk

The Potpourri Group is a major retailer offering online and phone sales for its 12 catalog brands. FlashDisk speeds 3 million customer transactions, cuts daily processing time 30% and slashes month end processing 60%.


Storage system provides “amazing” performance at a lower cost than big-name alternatives. “With the system in operation since the fourth quarter of 2009, it is working flawlessly and performance is amazing.”

Salt Lake County

FlashDisk RAID Offers Rapid Access to Salt Lake Property Records. “…the difference in access speed (with FlashDisk) is like night and day…”

Academy of Art

Winchester Systems Creates a SAN and NAS Environment Supporting PeopleSoft and Internet Conferencing – Serves Over 7,000 Users. “What differentiates Winchester Systems from other storage vendors is their willingness to share with us what works and what doesn’t work. Their customer service in terms of their ability and willingness to work within the Academy’s guidelines is key. They are our champions. When we need something, they really come through for us.”

Partners Healthcare

Partners HealthCare Proves That PACS and FlashDisk Work Flawlessly Together. “Winchester Systems takes the extra step that other vendors were not willing to take.”


High Speed Storage Solution - Caltech Selects FlashDisk To Provide Fast Data Access to Over 10,000 Users Worldwide. “FlashDisk... a whopping 50 percent faster reading, and 100 percent faster writing than anything else that we measured..."


Rapid Storage Improves Productivity by Giving Faster-Than-Local Data Access Using FlashDisk with RAID 6. “Yesterday, the equipment was the bottleneck, today the designer is the bottleneck.”

Gibbs & Soell

Global PR Agency Adds Disaster Recovery and Replaces Tape with FlashNAS. “While Dell offers a NAS solution, Winchester Systems was the only company we seriously considered because we like that the company’s core products are data storage solutions.”


NASA’s Earth Science Community Gets Fast, Reliable Access to Growing Petabyte of Data Using FlashDisk with RAID 6. “Winchester Systems price performance tipped the scale in its favor. We’ve got a good value for the purchase, and that’s how we measure our ROI.”

Reliable Security

360 TB, 500 Camera NVR Installed Flawlessly, Operational in Days Using FlashDisk with RAID 6. “We needed a storage supplier that could deliver the high levels of write performance needed to provide day-in and day-out continuous video capture . . . we wheeled the pre-configured systems in, turned them on, loaded the software and everything worked. The customer was delighted...”

Dana Farber

Dana Farber Cancer Institute Demands Scalable, Reliable High Performance Storage Infrastructure. “Once, an issue came up at 3pm on a Friday afternoon. I sent Winchester an email and had a reply and a solution by 4pm. The big vendors don’t do that.” But Winchester Systems did.”