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FlashDisk Global Manager 3

Simple, Powerful Management for FlashDisk Storage Systems. Automated Storage Tiers, Snapshots, Replication, and more…


FlashDisk Global Manager 3 provides centralized management and event notification for installed Winchester Systems FlashDisk FX and VX commercial storage systems, and FlashDisk RF and RV ruggedized storage arrays.

Virtual Storage Overview

Physical drives are grouped into logical drives, then volumes which are divided into partitions and then mapped to host ID/LUNs.

Virtual Storage Pool

Virtual storage is returned to the storage pool to maximize utilization.

Automated Storage Tiers

Writes always sent to faster tier. Data automatically migrated over time based on age and access.

Snapshot Rollback

Source volume is restored to 10:00 am status from snapshot image.

Mirroring, Split & Resync

Source volume is mirrored, split for backup and resynchronized.


    FlashDisk Global Manager 3 Overview

    This new version of FlashDisk Global Manager has been completely redesigned to make it easier than ever to configure and deploy FlashDisk storage systems; and to monitor their health, availability, capacity, and data-protection status.

    FlashDisk Global Manager 3 is installed on a computer with network connectivity to the FlashDisk storage arrays being managed. This new management server provides a foundation for improved responsiveness, availability, scalability and security. Administrators access FlashDisk Global Manager 3 using any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.) with a web browser installed.

    An updated graphical user interface enhances the overall IT-administrator experience. Graphical representations of array elements and real-time status make it easier to see and understand what’s happening.

    All mirror, copy and replication functions have been consolidated in a new “Replication Manager” function, making it easier to manage data-protection relationships and status.

    A new Network Diagnostic Tool checks the quality, bandwidth and latency of connections between FlashDisk systems, enabling administrators to troubleshoot—or prevent—data-protection issues.

    User Interface Examples

    FlashDisk Global Manager Home Page

    FlashDisk Global Manager 3 scans designated IP ranges in a network and displays all detected FlashDisk systems, with a summary status for each.

    Convenient shortcuts to functions available for the currently selected item appear in the lower-right “Tasks” pane.

    Configuration Options

    Menu enables control of drives, volumes, channels, LUNs and more…

    Backup Scheduler

    FlashD2D automates disk-to-disk backups.

    Performance Charts

    Real-time performance metrics at array, controller, port, and drive level enable analysis, load balancing and problem disgnosis.

    Performance Charts

    Real-time performance metrics at array, controller, port, and drive level enable analysis, load balancing and problem disgnosis.

    LUN Mapping

    LUN Mapping assigns Logical Units to hosts.

    Creating a Logical Volume

    Wizards ease configuration tasks, and include visualization of components.

      Event Logging and Notification

      FlashDisk Global Manager 3 provides an event log with the time and date. Each FlashDisk array can be individually configured to store messages and to alert a network manager or system administrator of a potential problem. If a problem occurs, FlashDisk Global Manager can notify appropriate personnel via email, phone call, fax, SMS text message and SNMP traps. For example, one FlashDisk could be configured to text the technician on call while another e-mails a list of multiple recipients. This alert notification system eliminates threats to your data availability by allowing the right individuals to react immediately to potential problems.

      FlashAlert Call-Home Service

      As part of our continuing effort to provide the best customer service, Winchester Systems offers a 24×7 “FlashAlert” data storage monitoring service that is included in our warranty and service contracts at no additional cost. FlashAlert captures  “call home” e-mail alerts. These e-mail alerts automatically open up a job ticket in our call center and set a plan in motion immediately to eliminate costly downtime.