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SIs and Solution/Service Providers have to be good at understanding customers’ needs and matching them with existing products, requiring them to know at least a little about a lot of products. And the parts of the IT stack that their customers consider most valuable, upper-level software, justifiably dominate their focus.

Most server and storage product vendors, especially the industry giants, provide a dizzying array of products with varying features, capabilities and price points. But they tend to pay the most attention to their largest “partners,” the ones that spend the most money. Their channel programs also typically make it clear partners are joining their team, adhering to rules that meet their needs. The needs of partners, especially those the tech vendor considers mid-sized or small, are all too often forgotten. When they’re considered at all.

How, then, can an SI or Solution/Service Provider be sure they’re getting the right storage or server technology at the right price? How can they ensure their equipment is properly tuned for their targeted environments and workloads? By “Right Sizing” their technology vendors.

Winchester Systems has over 30 years experience tailoring purpose-built high performance storage systems to customers’ needs—regardless of their size or budget. The company’s FlashDisk storage arrays and FlashServer compute servers provide the perfect blend of performance, connectivity, expandability, and price. Equally important, FlashDisk and FlashServer systems can be tuned to provide incredible performance for multiple, simultaneous sequential-stream reading and writing; for random database-style I/O; and for combinations of both.

Using a consultative approach, Winchester Systems I/O-performance experts join a client’s solution integration team to tailor an I/O subsystem, including storage and servers, to best fit their customer’s needs. Winchester Systems also stands behind its solution partners after each sale, with a worldwide reputation for dependable products and exceptional customer service and support.

Give Winchester Systems your toughest data-storage or I/O-performance integration challenge, and the company’s I/O-infrastructure architects will propose a number of options for your review—at no cost or obligation.