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FlashDisk AF-2U24

The FlashDisk All Flash Array – Simply Faster

FlashDisk AFA records data in native format with no compression and no de-duplication and delivers 487,000 IOPS & 12.6 GB/sec. — yet costs less per usable GB than competitive systems.  Need pricing? Click here . . .

FlashDisk All Flash Array AF-2U24 Series holds 24 enterprise class SSDs with capacity to 320 TB expandable to 2 PB

FlashDisk AFA – Rear View – Fully Populated with Host Boards

FlashDisk AFA – Front View – Fully Expanded with Two Expansion Shelves

    FlashDisk AFA Speed

    • 487K IOPS
    • 9.5x Faster for VDI
    • 8.5x Faster for DBMS

    FlashDisk AFA Capacity

    • True Capacity w/o Compression or De-Duplication
    • Scales Up to 276 TB
    • Feature Rich and Affordable

    A Better Approach to All Flash Storage

    The FlashDisk All Flash Array (AFA) from Winchester Systems has been designed to store data in native format without compression or de-duplication. Why?  We view them as technologies designed to solve legacy problems based on older flash technologies.  With the advent of newer, higher density, cost effective enterprise class flash drives, we simply don’t need compression or de-duplication to build a high performance, yet cost competitive all flash array.  The FlashDisk AFA doesn’t use complex software in an attempt to enable consumer grade flash drives like some of our competitors, we only use reliable, proven enterprise class SAS flash drives.

    With the FlashDisk AFA – your data is never modified from its original format, so there’s no risk of data loss due to de-duplication hashing conflicts, compression or de-duplication table corruption or the associated hardware resources these software layers consume. Your data is always secure, always protected.

    Extreme Speed and Predictable Performance
    Optimized for performance, the FlashDisk AFA blends high speed RAID controllers, 8 or 16 Gb Fibre Channel, 10 Gb ISCSI, latest 12 Gb/s SAS disk connectivity and SSDs into an easy to manage solution.  With up to 487,000 IOPS and 12.6 GB/second of throughput – the FlashDisk AFA can easily replace multiple racks of legacy disk drives with a single enclosure, offering significant operational, power, space and cooling savings.

    The FlashDisk AFA is a perfect VDI solution, with over 90,000 VDI RAID5 IOPS or more than 9.5x the performance of a traditional HDD based array, allowing you to support up to 3,300 VDI users. Database customers can see similar improvements with the FlashDisk AFA, where Orion benchmark testing showed over 8.5x the performance of a traditional HDD based array.

    The performance of the FlashDisk AFA is consistent and predictable without variations due to the overhead of the complicated software stacks used in other all flash products. This gives you the ability to redesign your datacenter and optimize even your most performance critical environments.

    True Capacity without Compression or De-duplication
    With scalability up to 276 TB using two expansion shelves and low initial and incremental costs, the FlashDisk AFA makes it easy to build a configuration to satisfy all your storage needs – without requiring the overhead, costs and capacity uncertainity of de-duplication or compression. With the FlashDisk AFA your capacity is always known and always predictable.

    Feature Rich – Yet Simple
    The FlashDisk AFA has a robust set of enterprise-class data services including: snapshots, thin provisioning, remote replication, SED encryption and more.  With the management simplicity of an appliance – the FlashDisk AFA is easy to deploy and support.

    Uncompromising Reliability
    Leveraging 20+ years of RAID controller experience, the FlashDisk AFA offers fully redundant, hot-swappable controllers, fans, PSU’s and drives.  With proactive SSD wear level monitoring, email notifications and backed by Winchester Systems world-class support – your data is always safe.

    Surprisingly Affordable
    Unlike other all-flash storage products with complicated pricing schemes based on “effective capacity” – the FlashDisk AFA costs 33% less per gigabyte while offering 2x – 8x the IOPS / $ compared to our competitors – making it one of the best performing yet most affordable products in the market. This offers you the flexibility to deploy the FlashDisk AFA in a variety of both performance or capacity based applications.

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    FlashDisk AFA Specifications
    Maximum Capacity 276 TB
    Performance Up to 487K IOPS
    12.6 GB/s Throughput
    Host Connectivity Up to 16 Ports:
    – 8 or 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel
    – 10 Gb/s Ethernet iSCSI4 Ports Built-in:
    – 1 Gb/s Ethernet iSCSI
     2.5” SSD Drives Up to 72 – Enterprise class SAS eMLC SSDs
    400 GB – 3.84 TB Capacity
    Physical 2U / Enclosure – Up to 3 Total
    3.5”h x 17.5”w x 21”d per enclosure
    Approximately 50 lbs. fully loaded (RAID Unit)
    Power & Cooling Dual Redundant 530W 80 PLUS efficiency PSUs
    100 – 240 VAC / 47 – 63 Hz.
    0° to 40° C operating;  -40° to 60° C non-operating
    Compliance FCC, UL, CE
    Warranty Standard one year factory warranty, next day on site
    and toll free hotline during business hours.
    –  Optional 24×7 on-site service, spare parts and
    advance part replacement
    –  Customizable service programs available for
    classified sites