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FlashDisk VX / FX Family Overview


Designed from the ground up to deliver extreme performance, durability and efficiency, Winchester Systems FlashDisk embodies decades of experience building storage systems for both commercial and military applications. And with FlashDisk, efficiency also means operational simplicity: a feature that’s become all too rare in today’s storage products.

The key to FlashDisk performance is lean, purpose-built modular controller design. Unlike competing products based on general-purpose servers and operating systems, FlashDisk combines embedded-systems architecture, streamlined firmware and hardware-acceleration ASICs and to deliver up to 1.2 million I/O operations per second (IOPS) and 5,500 MB/second data throughput.

Each hot-swappable controller module plugs into the back of a purpose-built storage shelf, and presents external host and expansion interface ports. Plugging two controllers into the same shelf creates an active-active redundant configuration, eliminating single points of failure and enhancing performance. This modular approach also enables entry-level FlashDisk systems to deliver the same top-end performance as their large-scale brethren.

Winchester Systems also leverages its military product experience to enhance FlashDisk commercial-product durability. Heavy-duty air filters, chassis and doors ensure dependable operation in less-than-ideal environments. After serving in their originally-deployed role for years, many FlashDisk systems are re-purposed for backup storage or other tasks.
FlashDisk storage services include volume snapshots, mirroring and both synchronous and asynchronous replication. FlashD2D, included in every FlashDisk, enables administrators to schedule regular, non-disruptive disk to disk backups using automated application-consistent snapshots and mirroring. FlashDisk Global Manager provides centralized, “single pane of glass” management and event notification for all installed FlashDisk storage systems.

At Winchester Systems, we’re dedicated to ensuring you have the right storage architecture to support your, or your customer’s, workloads. Over 30 years of I/O- performance and data-availability expertise are available to you—at no cost or obligation. Give us your toughest data or I/O challenge, and we’ll collaboratively design an optimized storage infrastructure for you. If you choose to purchase from us, you pay only for the equipment!


  • Up to 1.2 million IOPS, 5,500 MB/s throughput, and 576TB capacity.
  • Tunable for high throughput, high IOPS, or both.
  • FlashD2D non-disruptive, application-consistent disk to disk backups.
  • Redundant, hot-swappable controllers, drives, power supplies, fans, and BBUs.
  • Carrier-Grade durability (NEBS compliant).
  • 3.5” and 2.5” solid-state and hard-disk drive systems and expansions.
  • Interface Options:
    • 16 and 8 Gbps Fibre Channel
    • 10 and 1 Gbps iSCSI
    • 6 Gbps SAS
    • Simultaneous Fibre Channel and iSCSI
    • Simultaneous SAS and iSCSI
  • Supports any open operating system and clustering software.
  • No special host software or drivers required.
  • Custom design services available.
  • Can be re-badged with your company name and logo


FlashDisk FX series systems contain the latest controller technology, and provide the highest possible performance and capacity. For less-demanding workloads, Winchester Systems offers its previous-generation FlashDisk VX.

Both FlashDisk FX and VX come in 2U and 3U rack-mount sizes, and support 2.5” and 3.5” SAS hard disk drives and SSDs. Host interconnect options include 8 or 16 Gbps Fibre Channel, 1 or 10 Gbps iSCSI, and simultaneous Fibre Channel and iSCSI.