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New FlashNAS™ ZFS 3400 Features Enforce Data Retention and Compliance Policies

Billerica, MA. March 6, 2014. Winchester Systems Inc., a leading data-storage infrastructure provider to Military and Commercial Systems Integrators and Service/Solution Providers, today announced it has added new archiving and data-retention features to its FlashNAS ZFS 3400 network-attached storage system. The new WORM (Write Once, Read Many) function can be applied to any directory, protecting its contents from being edited, altered, overwritten, deleted or corrupted.

Many companies now face regulations, such as SEC Rule 17a-4 for securities firms, requiring them to retain data for a period of time while still providing immediate accessibility. Furthermore, some firms have decided, independent of government regulations, they need to protect vital information from tampering by anyone—disgruntled employees, hackers, etc. FlashNAS ZFS helps organizations meet these requirements by creating WORM folders.

Authorized users can write files to, and read files from, a WORM folder shared over the network. But they’re not allowed to modify or overwrite the original data; the only way to store a modified version of a file is by creating a copy with a different name (e.g., using “Save as…” in an application). WORM can be enabled for a shared folder at any time; an IT administrator simply sets a retention period and turns it on. An admin can later extend retention periods as regulations or corporate governance requirements change.

Like other advanced capabilities such as hot swappable dual-redundant controllers, unlimited snapshots, remote replication, SSD Caching, data deduplication, compression, NDMP, and self-healing data, WORM functionality is included in the FlashNAS ZFS 3400 base system price. All of these functions, once upon a time only available in “enterprise” storage products, are seamlessly integrated into a single system with an easy-to-use, web based management interface. There are no hidden, or “extra” costs to enable specific features, enabling FlashNAS ZFS to provide Enterprise-level data protection and reliability at down-to-earth prices.

Winchester Systems also offers storage-infrastructure consulting, on-site installation and service spares, and 24×7 product service and support for FlashNAS ZFS worldwide.

For more information about FlashNAS ZFS storage, see the FlashNAS ZFS 3400 Data Sheet. To start designing a purpose-built infrastructure for your workload challenge, contact a Winchester Systems storage expert.

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