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Winchester Systems FlashDisk Delivers Flash Performance at Low Cost in Hybrid Array

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500K Random IOPS and 12 GB/s

Billerica, MA. Nov 16, 2018.  Winchester Systems Inc., a leading data storage solutions provider, announced its new FlashDisk HX Series that delivers “all flash performance” in a hybrid disk array.  This new 14th generation FlashDisk features dual RAID controllers that represent a new level of performance combined with the use SSDs to increase speed.  This hybrid array is designed to break the price barrier of using “all flash arrays.”

FlashDisk HX uses a new class of high performance processors and up to 256 GB on-board cache, an eight-fold increase over prior generations. As a hybrid array, a number of SSDs can be assigned to serve as read cache to accelerate performance for the entire array.  Dedicated SSD volumes can be assigned for write intensive applications such as transaction processing, database, financial, manufacturing and other random access applications.  Thus, this unit delivers all flash performance at close to standard disk array prices.

The FlashDisk HX delivers up to 500,000 IOPS of continuous performance for random access applications or 50 to 100 times faster than standard hard disk arrays. It also delivers 12 GB/sec. data throughput for backup, video, broadcasting and data acquisition, twice the speed of the prior generation.

The 2U base unit holds up to (24) 2.5” HDDs, SSDs and SEDs with capacities ranging from 200 GB to 4 TB each to provide 4.8 TB to 96 TB. It offers single or dual controllers and up to 20 ports including Fibre Channel 8 Gb, Fibre Channel 16 Gb, 1 GbE and 10 GbE.

“Our SMB accounts made it perfectly clear that they wanted the all flash performance but not the all flash prices,” explained Mr. Joel Leider, the company’s chief executive officer. “The FlashDisk HX Series is the best of both worlds – it delivers all flash performance at near hard disk prices,” he added.

Prices for rugged FlashDisk HX now start at under $20,000. Products are available now and delivery is 2-3 weeks.

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Winchester Systems provides high performance data storage solutions for commercial and military applications.