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Winchester Systems Delivers New, More Powerful FlashServer HA Systems

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Combining the Highest Level of Server Availability and Increased Performance

Billerica, MA. January 23, 2014. Winchester Systems Inc., a leading server and data-storage infrastructure provider to Military and Commercial Systems Integrators and Service/Solution Providers, today announced the immediate availability of the newest models in its FlashServer HA 4000 Series line High Availability servers. Powered by Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors, the new FlashServer HA 4400 and FlashServer HA 4300 systems deliver up to 1.5 times the processing power of previous models.

In addition to more powerful CPUs, both FlashServer HA 4400 and FlashServer HA 4300 have increased main memory capacity: up to 256 GB. The FlashServer HA 4400 also adds two 10 Gbps Ethernet ports per server module for increased network performance.

FlashServer HA uses hardware-based server mirroring: two server modules within a single enclosure that operate in parallel, simultaneously running the same operating system and applications on the same data. If either server module fails, results from the remaining server are used while the failed server is restored to proper operation. Repairs require no special training: an IT staffer merely slides out the failed module, and inserts a new one. Best of all, the entire process—from failure detection to repair—takes place with no application disruption. As far as the operating system and applications are concerned, the system has been operating continuously!

Cluster solutions typically require a separate license for each server—plus the clustering software. Then there’s configuring scripts to handle application failover and fail-back. FlashServer HA appears as a single server to OS and application software, meaning only one copy of operating system and application software needs to be licensed. Best of all, FlashServer HA system and its applications are managed like any other standalone Intel-based server. You can rest assured your organization’s critical applications and data are protected from hardware failure, while at the same time reducing both risk and cost.

“Every organization has at least one application for which downtime is simply unthinkable,” said Ted Gumer, vice president of sales and business development for Winchester Systems. “These new systems continue to provide the steadfast critical-application protection for which FlashServer HA has become well known, while increasing capacity and performance for ever-growing database and virtualized server workloads.”

For more information about FlashServer HA, see the FlashServer HA 4000 Series Data Sheet. To start designing a purpose-built infrastructure for your workload challenge, contact a Winchester Systems storage expert.

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Founded in 1981, Winchester Systems provides purpose-built, dependable, high-performance server and storage systems—and expertise—to Commercial, Federal-government and military clients. Winchester Systems I/O-performance and ruggedized-system experts collaborate with each client’s integration team to tailor an IT infrastructure, including storage and servers, to best fit their customer’s environmental and workload requirements. Storage offerings include FlashDisk® RAID Disk Arrays in Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) configurations, and FlashNAS™ unified Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. FlashServer Intel-based servers include standard and high availability configurations. For more information visit: