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FS-1600 FlashServer


FlashServer FS-1600 Server – Front View

Combine Rugged FlashServer FS-1600 with Rugged FlashDisk data storage expandable to 336 TB per disk array for complete rugged environment from one vendor.

FlashServer FS-1600 Server – Rear View

FlashServer FS-1600 rear shown with four added Ethernet and two added Fibre Channel ports.


    Rugged Features

    • NEBS-3 certification
    • Designed for MIL-STD-810G
    • Heavy-duty dust filters – easy to replace
    • Shock isolated boot disks
    • Quad removable temperature drive fans
    • Rugged strain reliefs for host cables

    Server Capabilities

    • Single or Dual Intel Xeon 5600 processors
    • Up to 96 GB memory
    • 2 full and 1 half PCIe expansion slots
    • Supports 336 TB storage per RAID array
    • Supports iSCSI, SAS and Fibre hosts
    • Optional rackmount slides

    Rugged FlashServer FS-1600

    FlashServer FS-1600 is a rugged 1U dual Intel Xeon 5600 server with robust design with single or dual 64-bit processors with 4 or 6 cores each. It is NEBS-3 compliant for stringent telco demands – and to meet MIL-STD-810G environmental specs. The rugged 1U server delivers high performance in demanding environments. This new system combines Intel Dual Xeon processors with advanced thermal and mechanical design techniques. At only 20” deep, it runs 50% cooler than typical 28” to 30” servers. The rugged FlashServer provides high reliability in shock and vibration environments of up to 20G. The door features a removable bezel with removable filter that protects against dust and humidity. FlashServer is cooled by four redundant, hot-swappable fans with temperature driven fan speed for optimal cooling on demand – and is available with AC or DC power. FlashServer can be configured with various Intel Xeon 5600 Series Processors. Featuring two full-height, full-length PCIe expansion slots, extensive high speed I/O, and multiple storage options FlashServer allows users versatile configuration and system expansion. FlashServer is easily expanded by adding off-the-shelf networking cards and I/O peripherals as needed.

    Expandability and Outstanding Performance In a Small Space

    FlashServer’s 20” deep, 1U high chassis packs up to twelve cores of processoring power into a compact footprint. Two locking hot-swap 2.5” SAS drive bays support mirrored boot devices and nominal storage. Two expansion slots enable I/O configurability. FlashServer brings state-of-the art server technology to demanding environments with its small size, rugged construction, and multi-core processors. The Intel 5600 chipset supports processor speeds to 2.93 GHz and supports up to 96 GB DDR3 memory to provide the highest possible performance and scalability in a reliable server for demanding environments.

    Rugged FlashDisk External Data Storage

    Significant external storage can be added to 336 TB per RAID array. The companion product line of Rugged FlashDisk RAID Disk Arrays offer 1U, 2U and 3U families of high capacity, high performance rugged storage meant to accompany FlashServer into demanding environments. The 1U product offers 2.5” disk drives for compact size and exceptional performance and low power. The 2U and 3U systems offer both 2.5” and 3.5” SAS disk drives with 12 and 16 drives per shelf, expandable to seven shelves total with a maximum capacity per array of 336 TB. Multiple arrays can be attached to a single server. Best of all, acquiring rugged servers and storage designed to work together from one vendor provides a single point of service and great peace of mind.


    FlashServer FS-1600 Specifications
    Dimensions 19” x 20” x 1.7”
    Processor Single or Dual Intel Xeon 5600 up to 12 cores
    Chassis NEBS-3 compliant; designed to MIL-STD-810G
    Maximum Memory 96 GB (DDR3) in (12) 240-pin DIMM sockets
    PCIe Expansion Slots 2 full & 1 half slot; Fibre Channel, SAS, 10 GbE
    Disk Bays 2 locking hot-swap disks in shock isolated cage
    Power Supplies 450W/650W AC auto-ranging or 450W DC -48V
    AC Power Dual 110-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, 5-10A
    Cooling 8 redundant hot-swap temperature-driven fans
    Front Panel Removable with dust filter
    Standard Ports 4 GbE, 2 USB, 1 VGA, 1 RS-232
    Weight 24 pounds loaded
    Operating Temp. 0° to 40° C
    Non-Operating Temp. -20° to -60° C
    Altitude 0 – 10,000 feet
    Humidity 5% to 95% (38° C) non-condensing