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FlashNAS ZFS ZX-2U12.
Expandable to 120 disks with nine 2U expansion shelves.

FlashNAS ZFS FX-2U12 With Two Expansion Shelves

FlashNAS ZFS ZX-2U12 rear view, showing 8 iSCSI 1GbE and 4 iSCSI 10GbE ports.

FlashNAS controllers easily swap out while system continues to run.

Hot-swap power supplies also permit continuous operation and avoid downtime.

Fans are also easily hot- swapped for non-disruptive service.


    FlashNAS ZFS 2U Storage System

    Winchester Systems combines durable, redundant hardware technology with OpenSolaris and the ZFS file system to provide Enterprise-level data protection and reliability at down-to-earth prices.

    Sporting controllers, power supplies and fans that are modular, redundant and hot-swappable, the FlashNAS ZFS hardware platform is purpose-built for continuous availability and long-term durability.

    The revolutionary ZFS file system adds end-to-end error detection and correction, self-healing, and advanced SSD optimization features for unsurpassed protection of data integrity throughout the storage system. Building on this foundation, Winchester Systems FlashNAS ZFS adds advanced enterprise-grade functions such as storage-pool mirroring, remote replication, data archiving and retention compliance, anti-virus scanning, and NDMP backup and migration compatibility.

    All of these capabilities are combined into a single integrated system with an easy-to-use, web based management interface. And there are no hidden, or “extra” costs to enable specific features. All functionality is available for the base system price.

    Enterprise Class – Not the Cost

    • Redundant Controllers in a ZFS NAS
    • ZFS end-to-end integrity protection detects and repairs silent data errors
    • Snapshots, Mirroring, Replication, Anti-Virus, Data Compression, Disk Roaming, Thin Provisioning, Storage Pool Expansion, SSD Caching, MPIO, LUN Masking, WORM volumes, RAID data protection
    • Hot-Swap Components
    • Hot Spare Disks


    • CIFS/SMB V1; NFS V2, V3, V4; NDMP V2, V3, V4; LDAP V2, V3; HTTP/HTTPS; AFP V2.2.2 and older; iSCSI; SMTP; SNMP V1, V2C, V3; NTP, ICAP, FTP; FTPS; Secure FTP
    • Active Directory; LDAP V2, V3; NIS V2
    • Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX
    • VMware 5.x certified

    Management and Support

    • Easy and intuitive web GUI
    • CLI interface
    • Ethernet, SNMP, E-Mail Alerts

    Warranty and Service

    • Three year factory warranty and toll-free hotline during business hours
    • Optional on-site service, spares, advance parts replacement, installation and 24×7 service

    Play FlashNAS ZFS Management Overview video

    Durability, Availability & Protection

    Enterprise Class: True enterprise functionality included in a simple to deploy storage system.

    Redundant Controllers: Redundant active-active failover controllers, with automatic fail-back, deliver enterprise-class uptime.

    End-to-End Data Integrity: Self healing architecture detects and repairs silent data errors using independent multi-level checksums.

    ZFS RAID Levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 50, 60.

    MPIO: Multi-pathing data access for automated failover and load balancing.

    Hot-Swap Components: Hot-swap controllers, disks, power supplies and fans.

    Hot-Spare Disks: Standby disks that are ready to be automatically rebuilt to replace failed disks – and disks that are signalling imminent failure.

    Expandable Storage Pools: Created from multiple RAID sets and easily expanded.

    Unlimited Snapshots: Snapshots take no additional space until contents of a file share or volume change. The number of snapshots is limited only by disk capacity.

    SSD Cache Data Acceleration: SSDs can be used as high speed cache to accelerate read and write performance.

    Data Compression: Algorithms use variable size blocks based on data characteristics and results in typical data compression of 2x to 5x.

    Remote Replication: Asynchronous replication between two FlashNAS ZFS servers via optionally encrypted link.

    Backup Software Integration: Easy integration with standard backup software and NDMP compliant applications.

    WORM: Protects files against deletion or tampering to meet regulatory data-retention and archiving requirements.

    Anti-Virus Scanning: Supports ICAP anti-virus engines to detect and quarantine viruses before they are accessed.

    CIFS/NFS/AFP Unified Security Model: Seamlessly share files across OS platforms.

    Pool Mirroring: Synch and asynch mirroring of storage pools between FlashNAS ZFS systems.

    Thin Provisioning: Create large virtual volumes and auto-allocate physical space as needed.

    Disk Roaming: Disks can be removed and reinstalled in any order – especially handy for initializing a disaster recovery site.

    Mixed NAS & SAN: Supports iSCSI volumes with LUN masking for data protection on same storage systems as NAS volumes.

    Simple GUI and CLI: Manage RAID sets, storage pools, snapshots, mirrors, replication, compression and more via web browser or command line interface.

    Enterprise Class Service: Includes 24×7 US staffed call center and next-day on-site service.

    On-Site Installation: Reasonably priced on-site installation by factory trained professionals.

    All Inclusive Pricing: Enterprise class file server with enterprise class features all included in the base price – no hidden upgrade fees.


    FlashNAS ZFS ZX-2U12 Summary Specifications
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 2U Chassis: 17.6″ x 25.6″ x 3.5″
    Controller Dual-Redundant Controllers
    Maximum Memory 32 GB per controller, standard
    iSCSI 1GbE Ports 8 x 1GbE ports included, 8 x 1GbE ports optional
    iSCSI 10 GbE ports 4 x 10GbE (SFP+ or RJ45) ports optional
    Fibre Channel 16 Gb ports 4 x 16 Gb ports optional
    Internal SAS Disk Bays 12
    Max. Disks – 2U Shelves 120 (9 x EX-2U12: 12-bay shelves)
    Disk Drives – 7,200 rpm 2, 3, 4 & 6 TB
    Disk Drives – 10K rpm 600, 900 GB & 1.2 TB
    SAS SSDs 200, 400, 800 GB MLC
    Power Supplies Redundant 600W AC
    AC Power Dual 90-264VAC, 47-63 Hz
    Cooling 4 redundant, hot-swap, temperature-driven fans
    Front Panel Removable with dust filter
    Weight 68 pounds fully loaded
    Operating Temp. 5 to 35ºC (32º F to 95º F)
    Non-Operating Temp. -40° to -60° C
    Altitude 0 – 10,000 feet
    Operating Humidity 5% to 80% non-condensing