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Purpose-Built to Perform

Designed from the ground up to deliver extreme performance, durability and efficiency, Winchester Systems products embody decades of experience building server and storage systems for both commercial and military applications. The company’s servers, storage and appliances are available in varying degrees of ruggedization:

Data Center – Winchester Systems data center products are known for high performance and durability. Leveraging its military product experience, the company designs its hardware using heavy-duty air filters, chassis and doors to ensure long-term, dependable operation. Even in less-than-ideal environments.

COTS-Rugged – Far less expensive than MIL-STD rugged systems, Winchester Systems COTS-Rugged products are designed to process, store and protect data in harsh operating environments; tolerating levels of dust, moisture, shock and vibration not possible with standard commercial units. Numerous major programs currently depend on Winchester Systems products to be easy to deploy, manage and maintain in-theater.

MIL-STD Rugged – A pioneer in removable storage, Winchester Systems combines rugged durability; high performance; and quick, easy data transportability to deliver MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-901D, etc. ruggedized equipment tailored to fit each project’s unique workload and DoD environmental requirements. Leveraging COTS technologies and standards, Winchester Systems products are plug-compatible with existing systems in the field and in data centers—easing system integration.

Previous-Generation Products – As new generations of our products are introduced, older platforms are often unable to deliver the same functionality and performance as the newer technology. However, because Winchester Systems equipment is designed for long-term durability, many older platforms continue to be available for customers that specifically need them.