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Winchester Systems announced that its flagship line of FlashNAS network attached storage offers file storage for unstructured data with DUAL controllers.  It is a feature rich product that supports both CIFS & NFS at very competitive cost.  These FlashNAS systems are ideal for secure and reliable file servers and as backup targets.  Find out more in these available white papers:

Enterprise NAS at a Fraction of the Price:  Tired of paying a huge premium to get enterprise class NAS?  Now there is a high performance, highly reliable alternative.  Read about it in detail.  Click here to download.

Unified Storage – Affordable Feature Rich NAS:  One data storage product supports both file (NFS) and block (CIFS) storage – with the performance and functionality you need to do both.  Check it out.  Click here to download.

High Availability NAS Configurations:  Now there is an alternative between the world’s most expensive NAS and cheap alternatives.  You can get a high availability NAS that is finally affordable.  Click here to download.