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FlashDisk AFA: Uses Only “Enterprise Grade” SSDs

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So the competitors charge a fortune for the All Flash Arrays and boast about their cleverness and cost reduction in using “Consumer Grade” SSDs.  Really?  How come you do not see the savings in your purchase price?

We admit, the story sounds great, harness consumer grade drives and make them work like enterprise grade drives.  But they need some awful fancy firmware to make them work.  Of course, they charge you for the effort.

How’s this for a pure and simple value proposition?  FlashDisk AFA delivers high quality enterprise grade SSDs in a high speed array with data recorded undoctored in native format for less $$$ per effective gigabyte.

If the other guys save so much money with compression, de-duplication and fancy adaptation of consumer grade drives, where does all that savings go?

If getting your money’s worth from an All Flash Array and keeping it simple is important to you, then FlashDisk AFA is the answer.

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