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FlashDisk AFA: High Performance “All Flash Array” Now Available

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“Simply Faster” with 487,000 Random IOPS

Winchester Systems announced a new high performance FlashDisk AFA, an “all flash array” featuring up to 24 SSDs in a 2U enclosure that stores up to 92 TB with 3.84 TB SSDs, expandable to 276 TB.  Designed to be “Simply Faster” the FlashDisk AFA offers both low cost per IOPS and low cost per GB.  Technical questions?  Click here . . .

Simple Design:  Using new flash-optimized 14th generation field-proven technology, FlashDisk is a simple design that delivers consistent random performance for database and other high performance applications.  It avoids the complexity, cost and risks associated with appliance based products that use compression and de-duplication to try to offset the cost of SSDs.

Cost/Performance:  FlashDisk AFA delivers 487,000 of  continuous random I/O at a cost in the $0.25 per IOPS range.  It also provides storage capacity in the $2/GB range which are more competitively priced than popular appliance based solutions.  Appliances use expensive software to compress and de-duplicate data to reduce overall cost, which introduces overhead, compromises performance and risks data loss.

Check It Out:  Find out more about FlashDisk AFA.  Discover how you can renovate your data center without the extraordinary cost.

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